Personal | Pets - Finnegan, Odin, & Sully

While I absolutely love wedding and lifestyle photography, I also love capturing those other special members of your family too!  I have had many people ask if I take photos of pets, and the answer is…YES!!  I love the furry (or spiky, or scaled, or feathered,) babies too!  I think pets are such an important part of our lives and capturing them in their element is so much fun!  Here are some photos of my own fur-babies.

My “first-born” is my tabby Finnegan.  He has some ridiculously awesome stripes, so I refer to him as my own little tiger fairly often.  He also goes by Finn, or Mr. Finnie, though he really doesn’t have a preference.  He knows exactly when it’s time to be fed, comes when he is called, and even knows how to sit and give hugs on command.  He is very easygoing and loves his catnip toys, cat forts, and tunnels. 

My "middle fur-baby", who I often refer to as “little baby,” is my snowshoe Odin.  While he is not pure bred (all my fur-babies are rescues), he looks like the definition of a snowshoe cat (the cutest in existence, of course).  He has the squeakiest meow which sounds like it could be from a kitten, however it can be very loud and powerful!  He is our little talker and lets us know when he wants cuddles by letting out some pretty awesome purr-squeaks.  He loves to be pet on any rug (carpet doesn’t count), sleeping under the Christmas tree or on top of our counter, and chatters at the critters out the windows.

Our most recent fur-baby is our pup Sullivan (or Sully).  He is so lovable and always wants to be in the same room as us.  He absolutely loves the fireplace, and although the cats don’t like sharing it, he sneaks right in and snuggles up.  He loves going to puppy day care and spending the day playing with other dogs, could play tug-of-war all day long, and loves being in the snow!