The Heart Mag

I want to introduce you to The Heart Magazine.  You may have seen my posts on Facebook and Instagram, but I thought I would post about it here too because I feel so strongly for what it stands for.  I found this magazine a few months ago through my friend who is a contributor to The Heart Mag.  She is the creator of their gorgeous logo and will also be sharing a story about her time in Dakar and how it changed her perspective on life.  It is just one of the many stories that will be featured in the magazine once it goes to print.

This magazine is made for women everywhere, to lift women up.  A place where real women share their hearts, openly and honestly.  Somewhere to connect, encourage, and assure you that it's okay to be who you are.

I encourage you to learn more about The Heart Mag.  If you would like to reserve your own copy and show your support by donating so the project can go to print, contribute to their Kickstarter Campaign!  $25 gets you Volume 1 and ahand lettered print.  Please do so soon, as they only have a few more days to raise the remaining funds!  

All photos and video are shared from The Heart Mag.