A New Journey With Beautycounter

Today I want to share an exciting update with you!  While my website mainly focuses on photography (I sure hope that's your general takeaway from it!), I have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you more content!  Today, I'd like to share a new journey of mine - Beautycounter!

I have been excited about Beautycounter for the past year or so, trying a few samples of products here and there at some fun pop-up shops around Minneapolis, and doing lots and lots of research.  Let me tell you, I am a researcher.  If I am interested in something, I dig in and spend way too much time looking into whatever it may be (traveling, food, health, products).  In this case, it was Beautycounter and I just finally decided to take the leap and became a Beautycounter consultant!

"Our mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone."

Throughout the past many years, I have been focused on changing my health habits to nutritious food, focusing more on real, unprocessed, organic, free range, and grassfed foods whenever possible.  I have been switching personal care, laundry, and cleaning products for natural ones that actually work, with a lot of trial and error.  This also applies to skincare and makeup.  

Everyone has their own skin concerns.  Mine?  Acne and sensitivity.  Oh, how much I absolutely hate acne.  I've been dealing with it forever and it has become even worse in my adult life.  What?  While there are other things I am working on internally with food, what I'm putting on my face definitely matters as well.  Many natural products I've tried have been majorly lacking, even though I was so hopeful - they caused even more breakouts, left my skin feeling more oily, and the makeup was either super light and I felt like I had to put on multiple layers to even see a difference or it was super cakey and thick.  I tried so many different brands and it would come off quickly and didn't look I had makeup on after 10am.  I have found that Beautycounter works.  My oiliness has come way down (even in the heat of summer!), my skin seems brighter, more even-toned, feels overall so much more clean.  

The makeup is so great as well!  Most days I prefer light coverage to help reduce the appearance of my acne and redness, some blush for a pop of color, and then I typically do my eyes as well.  I am not typically one to put anything besides lip balm on my lips, however I have been using the neutral/blush color options in the lips sheers and glosses more and more!  I love the color palettes Beautcounter offers, the make-up stays on throughout the day, and the products have the perfect amount of color when you put them on, and you can build on them if you'd really like a deeper color without them becoming to thick.

Another quick note about the products I use.  Since my skin is so sensitive and acne prone, I find it best to keep any products with coconut oil in them off my face (based on past trial and error).  The rest of my skin does fine with it, so I have used it in body wash and hand lotion.  If you have acne prone or sensitive skin, or have any type of food allergy, please make sure you read ingredients in any products you are using, or test small areas of skin for a couple weeks before covering a larger area with the product(s).  

More about Beautycounter

Did you know that the personal care industry has very little regulation in our country? Companies are allowed to put in known toxins [ingredients] that are liked to hormone disruption, fertility issues, cancer, asthma, and more. And they aren't required to disclose these ingredients with you. Sounds wrong, right?

Beautycounter is a front runner in the movement to create and educate about safe skincare and are committed to get high quailty, high performing, safer skincare and makeup in the hands of everyone. 

If you'd like to learn more about Beautycounter, take a look at their products, schedule a social (party), or purchase products, please visit my Beautycounter page.  You can also use the Contact page or feel free to email me at sabrinasbeautycounter@gmail.com.

I'm excited to share these amazing products with you!

Another great resource I have found for determining safe ingredients (both in terms of health and acne/irritants) is COS DNA.  Once you get to the website, click on 'analyze cosmetics,' copy and paste the ingredients list from any product from their website, and hit enter.  There you can see the safety index (the lower the number, the safer the ingredient).  Any acne or irritant (if your skin is acne prone or sensitive) you should be cautious trying anything over a 3.  For safety, I would stay within the green or yellow, depending on why the ingredient is listed as yellow (mid numbers), and stay far away from red (high numbers).