Soto Family | Lifestyle Session at Minnehaha Falls

Wow!  Spring is almost here!  I've wanted spring to come since mid-November, sitting on a patio, thinking how crazy it was that it was nice that late in the year.  While I really want 90° sunny summer days, I'm so excited to see trees and flowers blooming, the birds chirping, and my kitties chattering at those birds!  I love when I don't have to wear layer upon layer to take my pup for a walk, or heck, even wear a jacket.  Jackets are not made for driving.  I digress. 

This past weekend we had some mild March weather and were able to find a great location for a fun family session, which is hard to do during this in-between season.  Minnehaha Falls is a great spot year-round.  Lots of walking paths, a park, and of course, the falls.

I'm so happy this adorable family was able to fit in a quick photo session before their sweet second baby comes in a week or two!  Props to Liza (the mama-to-be) for walking all over the park for these photos!!