Patio Update | Personal

My husband and I love spending time outdoors.  One of our favorite outdoor activities (if you can call it that) is hosting our friends for dinner.  We moved in almost 5 years ago and have slowly been installing a new patio and updating furniture.  Until now, we haven't had an outdoor space that seated more than my husband and I - a small bistro table.  It's been great for breakfast or coffee together, but trying to serve dinner for just my husband and I was a struggle.  We'd often grill our meal, bring everything inside, and bring our prepared plates back outside to enjoy dinner.  

Recently I visited my friend's patio, who is also a neighbor and has a similar sized, odd shaped area.  She found the most perfect table!  Her patio is much more open than ours, so I had to make sure the table fit.  We may have to do some rearranging if we want to seat more than 4 people, however this table is just so perfect!  It really makes our little patio so much more functional!  Who wants to be the first to join us for dinner outside? 

Below is a before and after shot (sorry about the horrible cell phone photo quality), the photo actually just popped up in my Timehop today (4 years ago!)!  Great timing!  We installed the patio 3 years ago.  Chopping up that concrete is a huge job (huge props to my hubby...although I did enough to require stitches in my toe - oops!), and also huge props to my dad for basically installing the majority of the new pavers!  We love the added space it gives us!  Also, I think it's time to prune some plants!

Here is our cute little bistro set.  We are planning on hosting a few small events in August, so until then we're keeping everything on our patio to allow for extra seating.  Then we'll move our bistro set to our upper porch off our master bedroom where there is currently a huge lack of seating options!

White patio table is from Ikea.  The two panels on the side open up for extra seating, so it can seat 8.

Grey and white chairs are fro CB2 and are very comfortable and stackable.

The bistro set and pillows are from Target (similar), purchased a few years ago.

If you can't tell, I love plants!  I have to keep all my plants outside due to my cats wanting to eat them all, so I definitely make up for it on my patio!  I get a lot of my plants from Spruce, as well as many of the containers.  Some of the plants are also gifted from friends or I've picked up at different shops.  Another favorite location for plants is Tangletown Gardens, they have so many different types of plants that I've never seen before, as well as koi fish!